Dulcina Baker Martin

In this excerpt, former enslaved person Dulcina Baker Martin describes Union soldiers raiding her enslavers’ farm for food and supplies, and her optimistic feelings about this experience.
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When I lived with Ole Miss (enslaver), I remember a pack of soldiers coming and taking’ all the saddle and buggy horses, and only leaving one old brokedown nag in the barn.  Ole Miss cried and cried, but there ain’t no use a crying’ after the colt is gone.  The soldiers took all the meat from the smokehouse, and that was something awful, because we didn’t know what we were going to do for meat, for most folks was having’ the same thing happen.

It wasn’t so pleasant to have soldiers come and do things like that, but Mother, she says, she was always glad, because she felt the Union was being’ helped to win the war by us having enough to feed the soldiers.

Formerly enslaved person
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WPA Volunteer
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Dulcina Baker Martin1859 (78)UnknownJack Rutledge
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Clark County, OHOhioKentucky
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Civil War, Emancipation, First Person, Union Troops