Dulcina Baker Martin

In this excerpt, Dulcina Baker Martin recites a story her aunt told her about an enslaver who was presumed dead, and her grave raided by an enslaved person.
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They used to talk about such things, like ghosts, and haints, and spirits.  My aunt says, once there was a young Miss who died and her folks had buried her with lots of jewelry.  One of the slaves looked hard and long at all that fine jewelry going into the ground. So when night comes, he goes to the graveyard and starts digging in the young Miss’ grave.  When he came to the casket and opened it, and was taking a ring off of her hand, the young Miss spoke to him.  He started running’, and she came up out of the grave and started running’ too.  When she got to the house, the family knew she wasn’t dead as soon as they saw her, and they were sure glad, and day set the slave free and gave him a lot of money and a fine horse.

Formerly enslaved person
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WPA Volunteer
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Dulcina Baker Martin1859 (78)UnknownJack Rutledge
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Clark County, OHOhioKentucky
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Religion, ViolenceFirst person, dialect