Church Record

Thomas Robert  Abel  Slack

Page #: 94

I baptized Thomas Robert son of Charles Slack servt of Mr. Slack and Clesa Abel servant of Dr. Abel born 20th Dec. 1861. G.mother Peggy Rice. W. J. Dunn.

Baptism Date: February 9, 1862
Church: Sacred Heart   County: Union
Birth Year: 1861   Gender: Male

Child’s Name
First Name: Thomas Robert  Last Name: Abel  Alternate Last Name: Slack

Mother’s Name
First Name: Clesa  Alternate First Name: Unknown  Last/Presumed Last Name: Abel

Mother’s Enslaver
First Name: Dr.  Last Name: Abel

Father’s Name
First Name:  Charles Alternate First Name:  Unknown Last Name: Slack

Father’s Enslaver
First Name: Mr.  Last Name: Slack

Birth Date: 12/20/1861  Age at Baptism: 7 weeks

Female Sponsor
First Name: Peggy Presumed Last Name: Rice
Enslaver First Name: Unknown Enslaver Last Name: Unknown

Male Sponsor
First Name: Unknown Presumed Last Name: Unknown
Enslaver First Name: Unknown Enslaver Last Name: Unknown


Enslaved by Agent of the Church? FALSE